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Havana Good Time

November 24, 2014

After having a long unpleasant week, I finally had time to take some shots of the outfit I'm wearing. We wanted to take some shots of the outfits I wore to work, but due to sudden change of weather. We only had a chance to shoot this outfit. If you noticed, my eyes are looking so exhausted. That's because I barely had the time to sleep. I didn't put any foundation or concealer on because I tend to scratch my eyes more than usual when I'm feeling sleepy. 

Product Review: BYS Matte Foundation

November 14, 2014
Hello there! How are you all doing? It's been quite a hectic week! I'm just glad this week is almost over. For today's post, I'm going to share with you my thoughts about BYS Matte Foundation. The time now is 2:31 in the morning. I have to write this a bit quickly as possible because I have a 8am class and my eyes are shutting down. I have finished three midterm exams, five or so minutes ago. Anyways, I wanted to try a matte foundation for years since I noticed that I only use liquid foundation or BB Creams.

The Sunday Flavor

November 9, 2014

Hello Everyone! How's your week? My week is not as good and as bad. I'm trying to balance the things I want to do and the things that should be done. The more I try to ease out the stress I'm experiencing, the more it gets worse. Why? I see that the only solution would be to finish the important things and wait for this month to end. Our Midterm exams will be this week. I'm gonna have to study, big time! I'm not actually scared of the exams, I'm more scared of the projects. I guess, that's the downside of being a perfectionist. It's Monday tomorrow, let's see how this week is going to be!

10 Things To Remind Yourself On A Daily Basis

November 3, 2014

Hellooooooo!!! Good Morning!! How's everyone been doing? I've been wandering around since I stopped blogging. I've faced quite a lot of challenges and some of them, I felt like I just want to disappear. Those challenges helped me realized many things, things that you seen or felt in the past but you didn't acknowledge it yet. Maybe because you are too afraid to accept it and the changes that follows. I'd like to share with you a list of things that somehow helped me improve my perspective in life. These are the things I realized and remind myself on a daily basis.

TODAY IS A NEW DAY - What ever happened yesterday, it's already in the past. Today is a new beginning, start fresh, stay inspired.
KNOW YOUR PRIORITIES - Don't get blinded by the distractions in your life. Remember that accomplishing one or all your priorities is a step closer to reaching your goals.
BE YOURSELF - One thing I learned is to never ever change who you are. Especially if you are changing because the society wants you to. I'm not saying it's not okay to change, sometimes change is good. But instead of "changing", improve yourself, improve for the better. People will love the real you.
DON'T GIVE UP - If you feel like all your hard work isn't being recognized, don't give up. Good things will come.
STAY POSITIVE - Having a positive mind set will lead you to a better outlook in life. Remember that challenges will come, being positive will help you to keep motivated.

THINGS DON'T ALWAYS GO AS PLANNED - Don't get easily disappointed when things didn't happen the way you want it to. Instead, set a Plan B, C or D!
YOU CAN'T PLEASE EVERYONE - Stop trying to please everyone, just do anything that makes you happy.
IT'S NEVER TOO LATE - Just like what I said on the first one, what ever you did or had happened, it's never to late. Never to late, to say sorry, to say thank you, to begin again or to improve yourself.
YOU HAVE YOUR FAMILY/FRIENDS/BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND/BEST FRIEND TO TALK TO - There will be a time in our life that we will feel alone and depressed. Feeling alone is the worst! We/They are here to support and to listen to what ever you are going through. I've read an article made by Sef Tiburio about ways to overcome depression. He shared very useful tips, you can read it HERE.
SMILE - It makes you pretty and seeing you smile will put a smile on everyone else.

If you follow me on Instagram you already know that I'm going to blog again. (Follow me on Instagram if you haven't yet!) If not, well yes!!! I'm officially back to blogging. I've been contemplating if I should wait for next year or today. But I just couldn't wait! I have mentioned on my previous post that my sister and I are going to make a new blog. Well, surprise! Surprise! We just have decided to continue to blog here. My sister, Finny, will be starting to blog on January and, Philip will also be sharing his thoughts about technology from time to time. 

Anyways, I wore this outfit to work, sometime last month. I paired it with a denim jacket, but I wasn't able to include it on these photos, because it was in the laundry when we took this. The shoes I'm wearing is one of my current obsessions as of the moment, THE slip-ons. They are gorgeous! I got this from River Island when it was on sale! I don't know if you can tell, but the color is actually pale pink. It looks white on the photos, doesn't it? :)

Taken using Nikon D90 with kit lens, edited using VSCO CAM - SE3 with adjustments

Thank you for reading! See on my next post! Have a nice day! 


May 5, 2014
It's been quite a long time since I've talked to you guys! Ohh I missed you so much! Geez. Hihi Anyways, since vacation started, I have been stuck in front of the television or iPad. Sometimes though when I feel inspired, I'd grab a pencil and this journal then draw my heart away. If you've been following me on instagram, you probably have seen some of my sketches already. 

There's this plan that I've been contemplating whether it's the right time to share it with you or not. Though I felt like I needed to share this instead of going on total hiatus  My sister and I have been planning this for a long long time but whenever we are about to jump in to it, conflicts arises. Our plan is to open a new blog where both of us share our interests like fashion, books, beauty, music and many more. We are also going to include our personal/original works. I'm positive that our blog would be very exciting because my sister and I have different interests on so many aspects. That's why I'm really looking forward for this to finally happen. However, I don't really know if I should stop updating this blog and wait until August (btw, we are planning to start posting on our new blog, on August 2014) or just keep on updating until then. What do you think? I do really need some advice. Thank you in advance. On the lighter note, it's my sister and I's birthday month! 10th and the 31st to be exact. Well, that's all for now. Take Care! Hugs! :*

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Make Up Look For Eyeglass Wearers

April 24, 2014
NOTE: Hey guys, I was just editing some of the labels in my blog awhile ago. Later I found out that an old post of mine got reposted somehow. I really don't know how that happened. :(
Who said you can't wear make up with your glasses on? That's not true! There are so many ways on putting make up that is suitable for your eyeglasses. My sister and I teamed up and we came up on a make up look that you can wear everyday and everywhere! If you want to see what it looks like just continue reading :)

Skipped The Heels

NOTE: Hey guys, I was just editing some of the labels in my blog awhile ago. Later I found out that an old post of mine got reposted somehow. I really don't know how that happened. :(
Hello Everyone! How are you? I want to talk about something that has been bugging my mind for a couple of days. 

Hearts & Sunlight

April 19, 2014
Hello Everyone! How's your weekend so far? I just got back from an awesome trip that I told you about on my previous post. Well, I don't have that much to talk about. So, here's another casual outfit that is perfect for doing your weekend errands. 

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April 18, 2014
{Outfit Details: Basic Tee - Bio Fresh | Shorts - IAAH | Sandals - The Ramp | Sunnies - SM Accessories}

Since vacation started all I did was stay at home watch television and browse my instagram feed. I won't say that I've been lazy, I still go to some places near my house like groceries, church and/or just take a walk in the park with my dogs. Going to malls or places that requires me to dress up is the least I'd like to do. However, getaways are, of course, an exemption. I've got invited to go to Island Cove in Cavite with Philip's family. I don't usually travel that much, that's why I'm really really excited for this trip. 

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E.L.F Studio Cream Eyeliner

April 9, 2014
When I first learned how to put on a winged eyeliner, the product I used was Nichido's liquid eyeliner. So pretty much for the past few years I've been stuck with the same product up until recently. I heard that gel eyeliners are much better and easier to use. At first, I was a bit hesitant because I haven't tried using this type of eyeliner ever before and I don't know if I'd like it or not. However, after a month of using elf studio's cream eyeliner I understand now why most MUA prefer gel eyeliners. 

Now for the review:

School Adventures: Dr. Jose Rizal

April 5, 2014
I cannot believe that I forgot about posting this! Anyways, last month our class in Rizal's Life, Works and Writings went on a mini field trip at Fort Santiago. Fort Santiago a citadel first built by Spanish conquistador, Miguel López de Legazpi for the new established city of Manila in the Philippines. The defense fortress is part of the structures of the walled city of Manila referred to as Intramuros ("within the walls").
The fort is one of the most important historical sites in Manila. Several lives were lost in its prisons during the Spanish Colonial Period and World War II. José Rizal, the Philippines' national hero, was imprisoned here before his execution in 1896. The Rizal Shrine museum displays memorabilia of the hero in their collection and the fort features, embedded onto the ground in bronze, his footsteps representing his final walk from his cell to the location of the actual execution. To know more: click here.

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Purple Haze

April 1, 2014
{ Outfit Details - Top from SM GTW | Shorts borrowed from Chi Secrets | Wedges was custom made }

We can definitely feel the summer heat! This outfit is ideal for the beach, especially when you're the kind of person who wants to swim immediately when you reach your destination. haha! I do that all the time. :)) 

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Flower Child

March 28, 2014
{ Outfit Details - Top and Bottom from Fashion Infinity | Shoes from Jelly Bean }

wearing BLACK — one of the challenges I want to have a solid commitment with. There are a lot of people I look up to when it comes to dressing up. Most of them influenced me to change my style into a monochromatic scheme but it felt so hard because I'm the kind of lady who loves to wear florals, vibrant and girly ensembles most of the time. However, I'm still on the verge of knowing what my style really is. So, I told myself, why not try incorporating them together? Besides, mixing pieces is always interesting and exciting. 

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March 23, 2014
What I'm Wearing:
Top - Shopaholic ; SM GTW
Shoes: SM Parisian
Bag: Michael Kors
March has been a nemesis of my blog, as much as I want to keep up with my promise (that I'll post as often as possible) there is always something that prevents me from doing it. Like for example, our desktop Our desktop has been a pain in the head since the last week of February. I didn't give that much attention to it because I thought it was just a minor glitch apparently it's not. Now our desktop is no longer usable, it doesn't start anymore. We haven't brought it to the technician yet, I'm just relying on my Father's laptop which he brings everyday to work and by the time I'll be able to use it is during the night time. Plus, I'm not the only one who wants or needs to use the laptop. My sister, Finny/Chi Secrets is also looking forward to using it as well because of her visual story journal on wattpad. She is very dedicated and inspired, I think she deserves more support than what she has now. I encourage you to check out her stories and don't forget to vote if you loved it.  

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Color Correction

March 3, 2014
Do you remember this post? Finally! I got the nerve to dye my hair again! Almost 2 weeks ago I had my hair dyed at a salon near my house. It was a very snappy decision since I've been wanting a change for quite sometime now.

Darker Shade

February 22, 2014
Hello everyone! How's your day so far? Time flies incredibly fast isn't it? And to realize, our midterms exam is fast approaching. Stress is going high again however, I have ways on easing my stress down. Instead of taking out my stress on food, I'd do these:

Pull and Bear Spring Summer 2014 Campaign

February 18, 2014
Last night while I was making some sets on Polyvore I stumbled upon this beautiful boots. I love boots that's why after I finished I looked for the prices of the items I used for the set. And by shock, I went to the website where I can buy the boots and also checked their shipping fees.

Valentine's Day

February 15, 2014
Hello everyone! How was your Valentine's day? Philip and I spent our lunch at Eastwood and eventually went home after we bought a frappuccino at Starbucks. Btw, it was my first time to try their secret recipe. I tried the Bubblegum Frappucino but it wasn't what I really expected. It didn't taste like bubblegum - more on Raspberry. However, it's still delicious and extremely sweet. So, the reason why we went home early because my sister is going to attend her Prom and I, as her older sister must be there and take as many photos as I can get. Haha!
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California Dreams

January 30, 2014
Does these photographs remind you of California? Well, somehow. *close enough* Wore this ensemble last Saturday. I wasn't planning to take outfit shots but Philip insisted and I'm really glad we took shots that day. It was the right time to take nice shots. I'm more than happy with the results. :)

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