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November 24, 2013
Last Friday at around 5 o'clock in the morning my sister, Philip and I decided to have breakfast at McDonald's. It's our first time to eat breakfast that early for a normal day. I honestly don't eat breakfast quite often because I normally wake up at around 11 in the morning, if I have afternoon classes and when I have morning classes I normally wake up at around 7:30 in the morning which leaves me not enough time to have breakfast. Every time I have morning classes I'm always, always in a rush. That's why everytime I get the chance to eat breakfast I always eat a lot. And also, when there are times I'd wake up really early (without the use of my alarm clock) I always get the feeling of being productive because I'd get the opportunity to accomplish a lot of things without feeling lazy.

Cheers for this blog's 100th post! :D

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Far From Summer

November 21, 2013
As much as I'd like to try layering clothes, I just can't especially when you're living in a tropical country like the Philippines. The heat lately is massive, you need to have an umbrella, hat or sunnies with you. Though, what I love about it is I can wear summer-y clothes even though holidays is just around the corner. This outfit is perfect for the beach right? But come to think of it I've never tried wearing maxi skirts when I go to the beach. I normally wear shorts when I travel during the summer time. It's a bit weird. I love maxi skirts to the point that I'd wear it to the mall, grocery or just anything. I think, the reason why I've never worn a maxi to the beach is that I love packing light. 

Anyways, If you haven't noticed yet I updated my about me page. I also included some social media buttons on the side bars and you can now follow my blog through blog lovin'.

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