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The Aftermath

December 27, 2013
What I'm Wearing:
Top - Gang & Glamour
Bottoms - from Landmark; Bazaar
Shoes - Primmadonna

Claire Marshall

December 23, 2013
What I'm Wearing: Top: Gang and Glamour | Polo: Philip's | Bottoms: It's All About Hue | Shoes: Jellybean

500 Pesos MakeUp Challenge

December 1, 2013
Beauty is one of the things I want to be good at. Other than Fashion Designing, I also dream about being a professional makeup artist and hairstylist. That being said, for the past years I managed to collect cosmetics from different brands, high end and drug store brands. But as a student, I am not capable of splurging frequently on the things like this. That's why when I saw this challenge on one of my favorite Youtubers. I wanted to give it a try since because my frequently used cosmetics are already near empty and I wanted to try a different product that won't hurt my wallet. 

Warning: This blog post has huge amount of photos. If you want to see how I put my make up on. Click Read More. Remember, you've been warned. Hihihihihihi :) 


November 24, 2013
Last Friday at around 5 o'clock in the morning my sister, Philip and I decided to have breakfast at McDonald's. It's our first time to eat breakfast that early for a normal day. I honestly don't eat breakfast quite often because I normally wake up at around 11 in the morning, if I have afternoon classes and when I have morning classes I normally wake up at around 7:30 in the morning which leaves me not enough time to have breakfast. Every time I have morning classes I'm always, always in a rush. That's why everytime I get the chance to eat breakfast I always eat a lot. And also, when there are times I'd wake up really early (without the use of my alarm clock) I always get the feeling of being productive because I'd get the opportunity to accomplish a lot of things without feeling lazy.

Cheers for this blog's 100th post! :D

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Far From Summer

November 21, 2013
As much as I'd like to try layering clothes, I just can't especially when you're living in a tropical country like the Philippines. The heat lately is massive, you need to have an umbrella, hat or sunnies with you. Though, what I love about it is I can wear summer-y clothes even though holidays is just around the corner. This outfit is perfect for the beach right? But come to think of it I've never tried wearing maxi skirts when I go to the beach. I normally wear shorts when I travel during the summer time. It's a bit weird. I love maxi skirts to the point that I'd wear it to the mall, grocery or just anything. I think, the reason why I've never worn a maxi to the beach is that I love packing light. 

Anyways, If you haven't noticed yet I updated my about me page. I also included some social media buttons on the side bars and you can now follow my blog through blog lovin'.

Morning Bliss

October 14, 2013

During my time of absence there were a bit of complications with my mind and lazy-a**. Not that I'm crazy or anything, its just that I've been really frustrated with school and became lazy to write a blog post. Whenever I want to share with you my outfit of the day or just an update I always get the moment where I stare at my computer for hours and couldn't be able to think of anything, even if there were a lot of happenings to share. I may be online on facebook, posting images on instagram and posting random things on twitter but it's just that, I'm posting random things just to show people I'm still alive. I didn't want to write a random or lame blog post. I don't want you to hate me or be bored with my blog. That's why I think it's better to be quiet instead of saying random lame things.

I mentioned on my last post that we were on our finals week. The week after that post was our trimestral break which is only a week by the way. Honestly, I wasn't able to "enjoy" our break because I was in school fixing and checking my grades and also, it was enrollment. I enrolled early just so I can do whatever I wanted to do before the second part of trimester starts.

As of the other things that had happened while I was on hiatus was a bit more than you think. I realized that there has been a lot of changes I made within a month-with myself. I started to like vegetables and actually eat vegetables. I started working out again and also my hair changed, I regret doing it but I didn't have any choice.

Feather On The Clyde

August 1, 2013
Photos By Philip T. & Edited By Darren S.


June 16, 2013

My sister told me that I should wear more corporate outfits because, in her opinion, it's where my style really is. It's never been hard for me to dress up when I have to wear corporate attire. It's because whenever I shop I always pick items that are ideal for corporate outfits. And it only means that I have more pencil skirts than jeans in my closet.  If only I can where corporate attire everyday, I would.

Wearing this kind of style is a little bit dressy and not ideal for my daily activities in life. I'm also a kind of person who choose sneakers or flats over heels. I'm actually trying to put some interesting pieces in my everyday casual looks. I used to wear simple, plain and unfashionable casual outfits. But now, I'm more comfortable to share with you most of my everyday looks. So far, I think this outfit is the most dressy outfit out of all the pending post I'm going to share in the next couple of days.


June 11, 2013

I'm really in love with this outfit! It's perfect for a lazy day or a movie date with your girlfriends, isn't it? Honestly, I didn't expect the top I'm wearing to be comfortable because the fabric was just so hot for the body. But actually it's not. The uncomfortable part was the fact that I have too much bulges to hide. Good thing I have this amazing long cardigan to use for hiding my unwanted fats. Lol

Test Shot. HAHAHA I look weird :)) 

Pico De Loro

May 15, 2013

Here are some photos from our trip to Pico de Loro last March.  

Someday In May

May 5, 2013

Being inconsistent with my blog makes me feel that I'm not that dedicated enough even though I am. Being able to take outfit shots the other day made me so hyped! I wanted to post this as soon as possible but I need to fix the layout of my blog first. So, finally! Here it is! After so long. Hihi!

I mentioned on my 2 previous posts (here and here) that its my Birthday month. Which only means I'd be spending most of my time running inside the campus doing some errands. But no worries I already prepared articles to post for the next couple of days.


January 16, 2013

| Shoes: Dumond |

I wasn't able to update my blog since my first outfit post of the year. Lately I've been spending my day cleaning the house. Our Maid recently left, so yeaa. I have to do most of the household chores. :)

Honestly, I'm not really fan of laces because because it makes me uncomfortable but I find them adorable. What I really like about this dress is the peter pan collar & the creamy color of the dress.

These kinds of dresses are perfect for Valentine's Day don't you think? It's sweet, chic just right not over the top.

Love my look? Hype it on Lookbook.NU & Chictopia.

Brightness & Contrast

January 1, 2013

For the first time in MY blogging history I finally tried editing my photos. I did try editing some before but never liked it. Yes, I know.. It's just the brightness and contrast but it's a good start right? Please say YES. haha! 

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