Hello there! Welcome to my online journal! My name is Armi and I'm a 23-year-old working student from the Philippines. I'm currently studying Marketing Management at Philippine Women's University.

I'm a person who loves a lot of things! I love collecting cute notebooks, make-up, and shoes. I also love minimalism and pastel colors. Recently, I'm obsessed with pastel pink. (Ugh! They are so cute! ❤) And, I'm constantly on a look out for new cafes to try!

I'm passionate about photography, fashion, interior and, beauty. Most importantly, traveling makes me so happy.

It's so obvious that I'm a Gemini! Haha!

Something that most people don't know about me: I'm also interested about meteorology, history and, geography. I love the feeling when I'm learning and discovering something new.

I believe that no matter what happens or whoever gets along the way, we should strive and achieve our dreams.


LOVE, ARMI is a blog about being inspired and motivated by the desires we want in life. In this blog, I will talk more about what I love and what I think. Join me as I document my take on life and, my journey on dressing up, trying new things and exploring new places on a budget. This blog serves as a way of escaping my stressful lifestyle — my happy pill.


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