Travel Moments of 2016

January 3, 2017
2016 was the year I got the chance to travel to both new and favorite places with friends, my boyfriend and his family. Despite some downturn, I will still say, 2016 is my best year so far. Here are the places in the Philippies I was able to visit in 2016:

My first trip this year was in Vigan, a city 10 hours away from Manila. It's also my first time to travel with Keziah and rode on a first class bus! Going to Vigan was an easy decision because it's all in our bucket list. Aside from the head bumps I had from the bunk bed I was sleeping on, for me, what made this trip memorable was our game night in our hotel room and our loooong kalesa tour. 

Ahhhh! If you don't know, I love sunsets! And the sunset I've seen in Boracay was the best! Going to Boracay was an opportunity that was given to me by Philip's family, I also got the chance to bond with them more. Honestly, I am not an island girl, I don't know how to swim, so I've never thought I'll visit Boracay someday. Thank you! Going to Boracay made me want to take up swimming classes! Haha! I've also witnessed how friendly and fun foreigners are. This trip was beyond amazing! I'm definitely coming back!

As you may or may not know, Bacolod City is where Philip grew up, so going here makes me happy. We did a 2 day stop in Bacolod before we head to Iloilo City. During our trip to Bacolod-Iloilo-Isla de Gigantes, I made sure to gather video clips as much as possible and get close to what I like my video to look like. I still need a ton of practice though and, I'm still trying various of styles in terms of videoing and editing. During our stay in Bacolod, I was able to meet Philip's Highschool friends and also, we went to Mambukal Resort. For further information about Mambukal Resort, please check it here

After spending 2 days in Bacolod we headed to Iloilo City to attend Philip's nephew's baptism. It's my first time in the city and it was also my first time riding a speed boat. Our time here is not enough, there are a lot to see! Iloilo is such a beautiful city! I would love to go back!  

Isla de Gigantes has been on our bucket list since it became popular. Our trip here was hella memorable! Haha! I will talk about our experience on a different post! You better watch out for it! I will update this section once the post has been published!

Welcome to our new home! Haha! Just kidding! As you may or may not know, Baguio is my most favorite place in the Philippines! It's like a second home to me! After our trip last September, I wasn't planning to go on another trip but, Philip insisted! He wanted to go to Baguio so bad just to see the big Christmas tree! <3 But, I guess agreeing to go here is a good decision and a better way of ending my year in travel.

I can't still grasp the fact that a new year has started! 2017 will be a different year for sure! Honestly, 2017 will be a difficult year for me. >__<  But, I'm going to try my best to make it a fulfilling one! Cheers to another year! 
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