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Hair Bleaching

October 30, 2012

Couple of weeks ago I decided to bleach a part of my hair. Honestly I was aiming for a blonde color but unfortunately I wasn't able to achieve it. HAHA! It's my first time to bleach my hair and I got really scared. I don't want my hair to burn.

I used Hortaleza's Hair Bleaching Powder and Hortaleza's Oxidizing Lotion  in 12%. I bleached my hair for about 3 to 4 times, left it for about 15 to 25mins. Washed it with L`oreal Paris Conditioner for Dry Hair.

The results was this, orangey colored hair. Ack!

I was not happy with the orangey color. So, I decided to dye it with Shine Moist Henna Wax in Cyclamen 05. Left it for 45 mins.

After 45 mins,
Tada! Red hair! HAHA. I'm reapplying this every after 1 week.
Actually, I'm planning to dye this part of my hair Blue.
What do you think?
Any suggestions? :D

Review: Rowenta Hair Straightener

October 27, 2012

Remember last September 25 when Migs and I went food trippin'? We were at Trinoma that time and actually looking for a decent hair straightener is part of our agenda. After all that food trippin' we decided to head at Landmark to look for a new hair straightener. When I was checking out the brands, a sales lady approached me and she asked what I was looking for, I answered " I am looking for a decent hair straightener that will last for the longest time." and then she showed me this particular hair straightener which she referred to be a spontaneous hair straightener she also gave me a trial so i will be able to know what would be my hair look like if I will buy their product. 

What I love about this product is they keep my hair sleeky straight even when I wake up on the next day. And, If I needed a curly hair until midnight I personally choose using this straightener than my actual Curling Barrel from Vidal Sasson, the curls doesn't loosen up so you don't have to worry. You just have to put it on the right temperature.

The hair straightener has different temperatures to choose from (230°C - 130°C) which is really great. When I want to have a really straight hair I choose the highest temperature it's because my hair is really curly. But if you have a fine hair and you just want your hair to have a volume or waves, the temperatures must play between 170°C to 130°C. You can also use this as a curling iron, for curling your hair I recommend that you put the heat up to 190°C. It is also a wet and dry hair straightener so you can also use it with a damp hair. 

Rowenta Hair Straightener is sold for 3,200PHP
They also have other products to choose from. I'm planning to buy their Hair Dryer next. 
Rowenta products are available in Rustans and Landmark only.

Rowenta Hair Straightener is by far the most extravagant hair straightener I ever had. 

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