Hair Bleaching

October 30, 2012

Couple of weeks ago I decided to bleach a part of my hair. Honestly I was aiming for a blonde color but unfortunately I wasn't able to achieve it. HAHA! It's my first time to bleach my hair and I got really scared. I don't want my hair to burn.

I used Hortaleza's Hair Bleaching Powder and Hortaleza's Oxidizing Lotion  in 12%. I bleached my hair for about 3 to 4 times, left it for about 15 to 25mins. Washed it with L`oreal Paris Conditioner for Dry Hair.

The results was this, orangey colored hair. Ack!

I was not happy with the orangey color. So, I decided to dye it with Shine Moist Henna Wax in Cyclamen 05. Left it for 45 mins.

After 45 mins,
Tada! Red hair! HAHA. I'm reapplying this every after 1 week.
Actually, I'm planning to dye this part of my hair Blue.
What do you think?
Any suggestions? :D

5 comments on "Hair Bleaching"
  1. Can you list down the prices of the products used? :)

    1. Hello! Sorry if I forgot to include the prices :)
      Henna Wax - $5.20 (214.00 PHP)
      Oxidizing Lotion - $0.75 (30.89 PHP)
      Bleaching Powder - I forgot the price. hihi Sorry :)

      The total amount I spent in this hair products are below 400php.


  2. The red looks great but I like blue as well (maybe because I used to have blue in my hair). Yeah, your hair is so dark that it's a major deal to dye it blond, you'd have to lift a lot of colour. I would probably go to a salon if you want to go blond. Good thinking to stop when you did, and hey it looks great!

  3. Love it...looks really good.*_*
    Maybe follow each other????
    My Blog

  4. Ateng, try mo 'to/ ;)


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