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June 16, 2013

My sister told me that I should wear more corporate outfits because, in her opinion, it's where my style really is. It's never been hard for me to dress up when I have to wear corporate attire. It's because whenever I shop I always pick items that are ideal for corporate outfits. And it only means that I have more pencil skirts than jeans in my closet.  If only I can where corporate attire everyday, I would.

Wearing this kind of style is a little bit dressy and not ideal for my daily activities in life. I'm also a kind of person who choose sneakers or flats over heels. I'm actually trying to put some interesting pieces in my everyday casual looks. I used to wear simple, plain and unfashionable casual outfits. But now, I'm more comfortable to share with you most of my everyday looks. So far, I think this outfit is the most dressy outfit out of all the pending post I'm going to share in the next couple of days.


June 11, 2013

I'm really in love with this outfit! It's perfect for a lazy day or a movie date with your girlfriends, isn't it? Honestly, I didn't expect the top I'm wearing to be comfortable because the fabric was just so hot for the body. But actually it's not. The uncomfortable part was the fact that I have too much bulges to hide. Good thing I have this amazing long cardigan to use for hiding my unwanted fats. Lol

Test Shot. HAHAHA I look weird :)) 

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