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The Aftermath

December 27, 2013
What I'm Wearing:
Top - Gang & Glamour
Bottoms - from Landmark; Bazaar
Shoes - Primmadonna

Claire Marshall

December 23, 2013
What I'm Wearing: Top: Gang and Glamour | Polo: Philip's | Bottoms: It's All About Hue | Shoes: Jellybean

500 Pesos MakeUp Challenge

December 1, 2013
Beauty is one of the things I want to be good at. Other than Fashion Designing, I also dream about being a professional makeup artist and hairstylist. That being said, for the past years I managed to collect cosmetics from different brands, high end and drug store brands. But as a student, I am not capable of splurging frequently on the things like this. That's why when I saw this challenge on one of my favorite Youtubers. I wanted to give it a try since because my frequently used cosmetics are already near empty and I wanted to try a different product that won't hurt my wallet. 

Warning: This blog post has huge amount of photos. If you want to see how I put my make up on. Click Read More. Remember, you've been warned. Hihihihihihi :) 

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