The Sunday Flavor

November 9, 2014

Hello Everyone! How's your week? My week is not as good and as bad. I'm trying to balance the things I want to do and the things that should be done. The more I try to ease out the stress I'm experiencing, the more it gets worse. Why? I see that the only solution would be to finish the important things and wait for this month to end. Our Midterm exams will be this week. I'm gonna have to study, big time! I'm not actually scared of the exams, I'm more scared of the projects. I guess, that's the downside of being a perfectionist. It's Monday tomorrow, let's see how this week is going to be!

For today's look, I feel like I'm wearing an outfit that is suitable for Christmas, don't you think? I wore this earlier today for my Grandparents' 54th Anniversary celebration. I feel so girly with this outfit! Haha. :)

What I'm Wearing: Top - Forever 21 // Skirt - Gang & Glamour // Metallic Flats - Payless // Sunnies - SM Accessories

Thank you for reading! 

2 comments on "The Sunday Flavor"
  1. Hello. :)) Nice shots and nice style. Continue to share your ootds. Hope you read my blog too.

    1. Hello Marc! Thank you for stopping by! You have a wonderful blog! I like how full of information your blog posts are. Keep it up! :)


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