Havana Good Time

November 24, 2014

After having a long unpleasant week, I finally had time to take some shots of the outfit I'm wearing. We wanted to take some shots of the outfits I wore to work, but due to sudden change of weather. We only had a chance to shoot this outfit. If you noticed, my eyes are looking so exhausted. That's because I barely had the time to sleep. I didn't put any foundation or concealer on because I tend to scratch my eyes more than usual when I'm feeling sleepy. 

I wore this outfit last Saturday afternoon. I'm a little hooked with wearing pants. Well, if you know me personally you know that I love wearing shorts. But recently there's been a news about 4 Men with a van. That scared the S out of me. Now, I only wear shorts whenever Philip is around. It's better to be safe. 
That's all for now! Thank you for reading! Happy Monday! :)
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