March 23, 2014
What I'm Wearing:
Top - Shopaholic ; SM GTW
Shoes: SM Parisian
Bag: Michael Kors
March has been a nemesis of my blog, as much as I want to keep up with my promise (that I'll post as often as possible) there is always something that prevents me from doing it. Like for example, our desktop Our desktop has been a pain in the head since the last week of February. I didn't give that much attention to it because I thought it was just a minor glitch apparently it's not. Now our desktop is no longer usable, it doesn't start anymore. We haven't brought it to the technician yet, I'm just relying on my Father's laptop which he brings everyday to work and by the time I'll be able to use it is during the night time. Plus, I'm not the only one who wants or needs to use the laptop. My sister, Finny/Chi Secrets is also looking forward to using it as well because of her visual story journal on wattpad. She is very dedicated and inspired, I think she deserves more support than what she has now. I encourage you to check out her stories and don't forget to vote if you loved it.  

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When the sun started to consistently pop I knew it's finally summer! I knew I needed to add sleeveless tops, dresses, florals and more vibrant colors onto my wardrobe. My first summer purchase was a swimsuit I got from Soaking Beautee along with this cornflower blue top and a white sunnies. Personally, I think this kind of sleeveless tops is a must have for this season. Actually, you can wear it for any season! That's why I'm in love, it's versatile, sexy yet not too revealing. With the weather we're experiencing here in PH always remember to put some sun block and or bring an umbrella. Too much sun is bad for your skin! :) 

2 comments on "Amalgamation"
  1. March is probably every blogger's nemesis! I myself am having difficulties, especially with our wonky internet connection. I'm just so glad that it's summer, and yep, sleeveless tops! Although I'm not a big fan of them because my arms are really big and flabby, I agree with the fact that they are very versatile. Love your shoes xx

  2. Love the blue and green!!! Very light and pretty! Awesome photos!


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