April 18, 2014
{Outfit Details: Basic Tee - Bio Fresh | Shorts - IAAH | Sandals - The Ramp | Sunnies - SM Accessories}

Since vacation started all I did was stay at home watch television and browse my instagram feed. I won't say that I've been lazy, I still go to some places near my house like groceries, church and/or just take a walk in the park with my dogs. Going to malls or places that requires me to dress up is the least I'd like to do. However, getaways are, of course, an exemption. I've got invited to go to Island Cove in Cavite with Philip's family. I don't usually travel that much, that's why I'm really really excited for this trip. 

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Anyways, don't you just love what I'm holding? That's sprite btw. Because it's Holy Week there were less people walking on the streets. And for a shy girl like me, we took the chance of taking these shots while we were lounging at a sari sari store near by. I really like how the photos turned out, hope you like it too. We're heading off to Cavite right now, I hope you all have a great week! Take Care! Hugs ! :*

2 comments on "Basics"
  1. Sounds like you've been having a lovely relaxing time! Love your sandals.

  2. this is my go-to outfit too! you can never go wrong with white ^_^


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