Little Black Dress

July 9, 2015
A black dress to match today's weather. 

Believe it or not, I don't have a plain black dress in my closet. I used to like buying black dresses with gold or silver accents. I've got this black dress from my Tita's garage sale for only 10php! What a bargain! I love how flexible black dresses are. Today's outfit was all about being comfortable. If it wasn't raining I'd probably wear sneakers. These photos were taken before the heavy rain started. We had a little peak of the sun, but it didn't take long before the rain started. *sad*

I hope you are having a nice evening! Stay safe and dry!

2 comments on "Little Black Dress"
  1. The photo is gorgeous! I love the background, your dress, the shoes, the whole idea! Great blog :)


  2. I absolutely love these photos! I'm one of those people that thrive on the sun too, I actually just wrote a blog post on finding the summer in our winters! :P What a cool coincidence!

    Stephanie <3


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