May 5, 2014
It's been quite a long time since I've talked to you guys! Ohh I missed you so much! Geez. Hihi Anyways, since vacation started, I have been stuck in front of the television or iPad. Sometimes though when I feel inspired, I'd grab a pencil and this journal then draw my heart away. If you've been following me on instagram, you probably have seen some of my sketches already. 

There's this plan that I've been contemplating whether it's the right time to share it with you or not. Though I felt like I needed to share this instead of going on total hiatus  My sister and I have been planning this for a long long time but whenever we are about to jump in to it, conflicts arises. Our plan is to open a new blog where both of us share our interests like fashion, books, beauty, music and many more. We are also going to include our personal/original works. I'm positive that our blog would be very exciting because my sister and I have different interests on so many aspects. That's why I'm really looking forward for this to finally happen. However, I don't really know if I should stop updating this blog and wait until August (btw, we are planning to start posting on our new blog, on August 2014) or just keep on updating until then. What do you think? I do really need some advice. Thank you in advance. On the lighter note, it's my sister and I's birthday month! 10th and the 31st to be exact. Well, that's all for now. Take Care! Hugs! :*

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5 comments on "Muted"
  1. The mixed blog is such a great idea! it would be so diverse and interesting, please go for it! As much as I would like to say stop updating this blog so you could focus on the new one, I just can't! Please keep posting here 'till August! We will miss you if you don't! And it would be nice if you posted some of your sketches too xx

  2. Best of luck on the new blog idea! I quite like it. Hope all is well! :D

    <3 | | xoxo

  3. Good luck ! I'm sure you will thrive on to your new blog as well ...

    Btw this blog is awesome ; I really like your simple yet elegant layout ...

    Best wishes,

  4. Good luck dear! Looking forward for your new blog.

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    New post up!

  5. You look perfect dear. Love those sandals! :)


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