Dream Room

June 16, 2015

Good morning everyone! I hope you are having a nice day so far! 

I've been dreaming of having my own room for years! When my Dad told me that he likes the idea of converting the side of our 3rd floor as my room, I was beyond ecstatic! My brain was drowning with ideas!! My dream room is to have a monochromatic color scheme, I love to wake up in the morning in a room that looks like these photos. My room is still in a mess (haha!) but, slowly getting there. I have already envisioned what I want my room to look like. However, I got so overwhelmed when we finished renovating my room. I have so much ideas wherein, I don't know where or how to start. So, the other day, I went on my favorite source of inspiration  Gravity Interior & The Cozy Space

I transferred my bed in the area that looks like on the right side photo, it's a small nook in my room that was supposedly my vanity area. I think it was the best idea I made so far. My room now has more space and I love it! Maybe in a couple of months, I will be fixing it like the photo above. As of the moment, I'm still saving for the materials that we'll be needing to achieve it. Before making this post, I was organizing my vanity area, it's almost done. I just have to buy more containers for my makeup. The next area I will be my working on is my study/work area and then the closet. After organizing everything that needs to be prioritized, that will be the time for adding the accents. I have a couple of wall art and photos that I'm excited to hang. My target date to finish everything is within this week. My school will start on Monday and I have to move fast but accordingly. I'm positive that when I start school everything will be on a busy state. Ugh! I will be needing more coffee!!

Anyways, that's all for now! I hope you liked the photos. If you want to see more apartment/room inspirations head on to Gravity Interior & The Cozy Space

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