Twenty Two

June 4, 2015

So, I just turned 22 last Sunday! **singing Tay's song twenty twooo**
I don't really know what to expect, all I'm aware of is - I'm getting old and I need to figure things out! Lol Before turning 22 was definitely one crazy ride! I guess, those were the "crazy" days, where you don't know what you are doing but still doing it. #YOLO But of course, those were also the days who made me change my perspective on certain aspects and made me a stronger person. I want to share 2 advice from my experiences that might help you now, or in the future! I hope you like them!

The first thing is - Even when you treat people nicely, some people will just take advantage of you. They might be your new close friend or an old friend but once you have noticed that they are being toxic or they are only talking to you if they need something, ditch them! There are more people out there who values your friendship.

And the last is - Having a broken heart is okay, time will heal it. Let it heal. Don't over think too much. If you know the fault is not on you, it's good to ask why, it's good to know the reason why it happened. If the person doesn't want to answer it, let it be. Let him or her be. Just take note of this moment, so that, in the future, if you will fall for someone again, you will be more aware of the situation.

These are the statements I often tell my friends. In my opinion, friendship and love are a priority in our lives and, these are the ones who made a huge impact to me. In addition to that, I always say to myself "Think positive" - it will help you to lessen those bad vibes and you will feel more confident! Whatever had happened before, I'm really glad that it happened because I feel stronger now and, I also want to thank each and everyone of YOU<3 who I've meet recently and the people who stayed. I can't wait to make more memories with you! **woot woot**

{ Outfit: Top - Glamour Studio ; Bottom - Gang & Glamour ; Shoes - Stradivarius ; Bag - Gift ; Sun Glasses - Dovie by Sunnies }

Our agenda was to eat lunch at Ramen Bar in Robinsons Magnolia but, we didn't know that it was closed already. So, we ate at Ramen Nagi and my parents' had their dessert at Magnolia Flavor House. After that, we went straight to Yardstick Coffee but the place was so noisy, it wasn't what I expected it to be. So, we decided to go to Local Edition which we really loved! The place is instagram-worthy and, the coffee and food is worth the money!

Honestly, I'm not fond of celebrating my birthday, I just want it to be as simple as it can be. This year, all I want for my birthday was to go to a coffee shop I have been wanting to try. And, that's what we did! I couldn't be more happier. 

It was a nice day! Thank you for spending it with me, Bananas! 
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