Color Correction

March 3, 2014
Do you remember this post? Finally! I got the nerve to dye my hair again! Almost 2 weeks ago I had my hair dyed at a salon near my house. It was a very snappy decision since I've been wanting a change for quite sometime now.
On the night of Valentine's day I headed over to the salon to have some consultations because I wanted to have a very light shade of color. So we did a little talk, blablabla. The next day around 2 in the afternoon we started to do the procedure. Okay, so... While my hair was on the progress the hair stylist noticed that the bottom part of my hair isn't transforming to the color it should be, I kinda freak out when he said that. I asked him why, his answer was it's a color correction from the time I colored my hair black 2 years ago. 2 years ago!? I mean really, that's a very long time ago. I did a lot with my hair back then. I even bleached it, so why the heck that happened? I didn't talked to him anymore about this matter. I just waited for the results. I told my boyfriend that I think it'll turn out just okay because I like the style of reverse ombre. That's what I kinda thought, just to lessen my worries. 

After an hour or so, I finally saw the results. Clearly, it's not a reverse ombre. It's more on a tri-color which I think is kind of interesting. The only think that bothers me though is the color of the roots. They are screaming! But, all in all, I really really love the results. I am probably going to have it retouched on May. 

What I'm Wearing:
Denim Polo from Penshoppe
Black Skinny Jeans from Lee
Black One-Strap Heels from Primadonna
3 comments on "Color Correction"
  1. That color is so flattering on you! I like the way your bag compliments it, too.

  2. Suits you alot :)

  3. I love your get up! So cutie and classy! (: Feel free to visit mine ->


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