Feather On The Clyde

August 1, 2013
Photos By Philip T. & Edited By Darren S.

BEING BACK ON TRACK I'm positively sure that you noticed in my Archives section that I didn't post anything last July. Last month was chaotic and hectic, I was really busy with school and hanging out with friends. I almost turn my back on things that I really love doing. I also realized a lot of things last month, it was a month of ups and downs.
But I'm all good now.
As what I said, I realized a lot. So I thank my friends for staying by my side. You know who you are. :)

Before I end up being too dramatic, I think it's better for us to talk about my outfit. Right? :)
Yesterday's weather was unpredictable. Before I left the house it was raining cats and dogs. I thought that wearing a sweater was perfect! Plus, we were going to watch Grown Ups 2 which is awesome btw 
So no need for me to bring a jacket.

And also, I want to thank Darren for editing my photos. They turned out really amazing!

What I'm Wearing:
Top - Chic Archives
Bottom - Meg
Shoes - Payless
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