June 16, 2013

My sister told me that I should wear more corporate outfits because, in her opinion, it's where my style really is. It's never been hard for me to dress up when I have to wear corporate attire. It's because whenever I shop I always pick items that are ideal for corporate outfits. And it only means that I have more pencil skirts than jeans in my closet.  If only I can where corporate attire everyday, I would.

Wearing this kind of style is a little bit dressy and not ideal for my daily activities in life. I'm also a kind of person who choose sneakers or flats over heels. I'm actually trying to put some interesting pieces in my everyday casual looks. I used to wear simple, plain and unfashionable casual outfits. But now, I'm more comfortable to share with you most of my everyday looks. So far, I think this outfit is the most dressy outfit out of all the pending post I'm going to share in the next couple of days.

3 comments on "Embellishment"
  1. Love the sleeves on your top and the lipstick

  2. Very nice. We Love your skirt !! :)
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